Company profile

Born exactly forty years ago in 1977 as F.LLI DAVERI, SILVEX is an Italian, Tuscany based, fully self-capitalized silver jewellery company, privately owned by the family DAVERI, whose members are all operatively involved in the multiple activities of the enterprise. SILVEX has built its present strength and future growth plans, on four Business Areas, all supported by a centralised.
Finance & Control and Logistic departments:

Semi-finished Components

Thanks to the strategic alliance with Italy’s largest industrial jewellery manufacturer, ITAM spa, SILVEX develops and distributes over 5.000 components needed by the silver jewellery industry, like clasps, chains on spool and fancy silver parts, to most of the italian and to the international manufacturers in the main manufacturing world’s hubs: Turkey, China, Central America and Thailand.

Finished Silver Jewellery

We are known for our capacity of setting trends in the world silver market. Thanks to our profound manufacturing know-how utilizing the most advanced and diversified processes, the continuous R&D investments and the collaborations with the Brand Fashion Industry in Italy, we are able to offer a “ready to order” range of over 10.000 products, 6.000 of which yearly refreshed. Over 35% of our production is represented by OEM developed products, where SILVEX supplies a 360° service, from prototyping to the final customized packing, primarily to large international Retail Groups.


For 30 years we have been offering in our branch office in Vicenza, to Italian and international retailers and wholesalers, a well assorted ready stock inventory, composed of over 6.000 skus continuously updated silver Jewellery products.

B2B On Line E-commerce

With the experience matured in the wholesaling activity, we’ve launched in 2015 a state of the art B2B E-Commerce website, offering to the world-wide retailers the possibility of receiving, within 48h, any of the 2500 latest and most trendiest creations, kept in stock and adjourned on a monthly basis.

Ethical conduct

The Jewellery Trade is often, and unfortunately, driven by several escamotages like under-karating, tax and duties evasions, unofficial use of workforce. SILVEX has never chosen, in 40 years, any “ short-cuts “, always refusing illegal compromises which could have certainly led us to a smoother and faster growth. On the long run though our ethical approach paid off, as in the recent years large international retail’s distributors, particularly sensible towards the quality and stability of their vendors, enforced world-wide, their requirements for fair competition and unexceptionable ethical standards. SILVEX production and operations are constantly audited, always complying with the technical, ethical and security requirements demanded by several audit firm, like Bureau-Veritas, Intertek, UL and SGS.

Solid Financing

Reduced margins combined with tougher and more difficult access to financial support, have recently and often driven Italian jewellery manufacturers to default. SILVEX is a fully self-capitalised privately owned company, re-investing every year 95% of its profit within the activities. A strong and consolidated relationship with the Financial Institutions, Metal Refiners and Brokers, allow the company to be able to accountably, financially and structurally handle any business size opportunity. in 2014, on top of increasing its fine metal reserves, the company has furtherly raised its capital to € 3.5Mil. (US $ 3.7Mil), making SILVEX one of the top capitalized companies within our sector in Italy.

Product Development - Visual – Branding

Despite of China and India growing manufacturing and distribution capacity, SILVEX competitive pricing and services offered on Basic industrial products and Innovative Fancy Collections, allowed us to have a steady growth for the past years. key success initiatives were generated mostly within the Product Development area, where SILVEX has a dedicated TREND & FASHION department, as well as a CUSTOMER’s exclusive PD Dept. (OEM), where products, collections and projects are tailored – developed on customer’s needs. In THEMES/TRENDS, then furtherly developed in all the Product Categories. We tend to offer at first site the widest colours and model combinations, allowing the customers to find the more appropriate version to their market needs. If not, we’ll customise it!
SILVEX has never pursued a consumer branding strategy on its own, as we believe that our core competence must remain focused on design, product development and efficient production standards. Nevertheless we’ve successfully created some collection Brands, linked to defined product concepts like SWAROVSKI Crystals (brand DAVVERO).